Welcome! I'm Dave Tosh, a product developer based in Toronto, Canada, interested in both learning and technology. I currently work on Learning Locker and Reach. Previously, I co-founded Elgg.

Laravel 4 and Mandrill

I wanted to build a package which would provide a Laravel 4 specific wrapper for the Mandrill API. However, shortly after getting started, I found out that you don't need any additional packages to begin using Mandrill. All you need to do is edit the core email settings. 

To do this go to:


here you can set the following details to match your Mandrill account:

  • 'host' => 'smtp.mandrillapp.com'
  • 'port' => 2525, (or you can use 587)
  • 'username' => 'your-email'
  • 'password' => ...
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Nothing matters more than the idea

When working with technology, it is fairly common to hear people subscribe to the rhetoric that execution is everything. Coming up with ideas is easy, they are ten-a-penny, everyone has ideas and it is the delivery of ideas that matters. 

I would like to present a different perspective:

Ideas are the most valuable commodity.

Plenty of us can code to varying degrees, but how many people can truly envision a solution that solves a problem, resonates with users and actually delivers on something tangible?

Continuing ...
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Content is king? Context rules.

Obvious, but often overlooked in the pursuit of content: context is everything. Without it meaning can be difficult, if not impossible, to derive.

Take the following statement 'Oh my god, I just saw a car flip over in front of my eyes, scary stuff!'. Does this statement refer to a horrific accident or someone watch a stunt driving event? 

There ...
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Catching up on Learning Locker and Reach

After spending a couple of years working at a leading digital agency in strategy and then running the technical team, it felt like the right time to move on to new challenges. I am currently working on a few new experiments including Learning Locker and Reach.

Learning Locker

I have been in touch with Ben Betts for a while chatting about various learning initiatives and earlier this year we both developed ...
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Coursera demonstrates appetite

Over 3.5 million people, so far, signing up to Coursera clearly demonstrates appetite to learn, something

I am interested in the initial motivation to sign up - is it folks wanting to learn for the sake of it, are they just curious, do some think it will give them a better chance at a job to say they have completed courses from established universities, or ... something else?


Canadian Beer

Since moving to Toronto around 22 months ago I have made a decent stab at acquainting myself with the local brew. I had heard about, and tried, the large brewers; Molson, Labatts and Sleemans but other than those three my knowledge was limited. When trying to find out about good Canadian beer, I was met with a few doubters questioning if there was such a thing.

So, I set out on a mission to correct my lack of knowledge as it would be a poor show not to gain a true understanding of a country’s beer. In fact, it could be classed a criminal act not to do ...
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Mandrill plugin for Elgg

If you are building a service or app on Elgg that sends a lot of transactional emails then this plugin might be useful to you. I would always recommend using an established service to deploy email as they will have established IPs reducing the likelihood that your emails end up in the spam folder. Over time you can build up a good reputation rolling your own but it takes a while and, especially when starting a new service, is usually not worth the risk; you need to ensure your early ...
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I wish I had just bought my music, maybe

In 2010 I started using Spotify as my primary source of music. It was great and I loved the offline feature. The service was costing me 10 pounds (around $16 canadian) per month, which I didn’t mind paying. It meant no ads, offline usage and access to unlimited songs. Spotify had a decent selection of artists on their roster, so I was happy.

Then I moved to Canada, and started commuting.

Spotify was not available in Canada so I kept the service running ...
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