Our Products

Sparks uses data to automate personal experiences for each learner when they need it most to help with engagement, growth and development.

Sparks for compliance

Build a culture of awareness. With data-informed nudges help your team become compliant while impacting culture change within your organization.


A product led customer success platform. Support your sales and customer success teams, at the right time, with the right message to increase conversions, reduce churn and drive revenue.


"Dave Tosh (PedalRed/Sparks Founder) is an innovator, able to spot trends and create hugely engaging products at a speed I have never seen matched. He has always been a trusted and valued partner."

Alan Betts

Chief Learning Officer and Chairman at HT2

"Communicating with learners at the right time and in context throughout the lifecycle of a learning experience is critical to engagement and learner retention. Sparks empowers us to automate that process and provides us insights and tools to manage and continuously improve those efforts. We’ve reached thousands of participants across more than a dozen programs over the last three years and Sparks has evolved to continue meeting our requirements."

Josh Webb

Director of HR Operations at ICF